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About Javi

Javier Hernández

My childhood friends will not let me lie that within the school where I was studying he was known as the boy who sold sweets, every recess he went with a black suitcase where on Mondays he carried those most sought-after sweets.

My mother took me to the market on Sundays to buy in large quantities, I remember that it was also popular in the market, since the owners knew that I bought in large volumes, I even remember that they gave me a tasting of the new sweets they brought.

I remember that once a teacher chased me, since this could not be done inside the school, she ran away from her, however when she found me to my great surprise this teacher had some nieces, so she ended up buying me xD

I remember having sold in this period of my life tazos (games that appeared in fried foods), notebooks, etc. it always went well for me.

My first website

When I was 14 years old, I discovered that many people were searching in this famous Google so without knowing anything about the computer I got in and made my first web page

At that time I wanted to be among the first 1,000 laugh pages in the world (a bit ambitious)


It was not always easy for me, this period of my life was undoubtedly the hardest, however the one that made me stronger. At this age I began to lose hair in different areas of my head, I remember my mother every morning covering those of them with the little hair that I had left.

Despite what happened in the last year of school, I designed the promotion logo and led the design of the commissions of one of the largest school events in Guatemala, which allowed me to win the school’s art and culture medal and besides that a scholarship for the dream university to study my dream career “Marketing” and if that wasn’t enough at that very moment I started the gym and got strong;) this experience made me the man I am today, sometimes God us put tests


During university, together with my best friend, we liked to climb volcanoes, so we developed a tourism agency called KIK, it was going well for us until on one occasion one of the members of the group got lost, it was a time of so much stress and tension since it was in a volcano in Guatemala that we decided to leave behind the project. If you wonder if the person showed up, he had gone to his house without warning.

Adult life

In 2018 I left my comfort zone (family, friends and work) and went to Panama, where I have been a resident until now, developing at an academic and professional level with a master’s degree, courses and directing the marketing department of a company.

I learned marketing online in a self-taught way since university never filled that digital void and it frustrated me to know that many young people left universities without that preparation. That is why I launched my blog in 2019 to help other professionals like me by sharing my work templates.

Currently I am a Master in Marketing from the University of Chile and Marketing by profession from the Rafael Landívar University.

I have 3 years in the world of marketing, communication and advertising. I have worked with marketing agencies and I am the head of marketing in a family business.

Javier Hernandez

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