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como comprar fiverr web


How to buy on Fiverr 2021?

Here Javimarketer 360 with a new article where I am going to explain how you can buy on Fiverr.

Well if you are here you probably already know what fiverr is and you already know the benefits it brings, but if not I will tell you quickly.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a platform where you can hire freelancers from all over the world since many freelancers upload their freelancer file on fiverr and in this way you can contact them.

As some of you may already know, I have an agency called Séonline and many times we have resorted to fiverr to manage to raise many client projects, so today I want to show you how to do it.

  1. Login to Fiverr Fiverr

Well, right now I am inside the Fiverr platform and how can you tell because it has its search engine and right there you can search for the service you are looking for.

Fiverr pagina

I tell them that I want to find services of everything, last time I found a service of a girl who did choreography for tik tok, that is, there are many services here for this occasion I want to show you live how I contract the service in this case of a Excellent announcer, I have hired him several times.

  1. Select in the search engine the service you are looking for

Let’s go here is to place in the search engine the speaker as you will know we need a speaker who speaks Spanish so here within the categories you will be able to place the language, depending on your service you are playing with the categories and which ones are more suited to the service than you you are looking for

  1. Select your Freelancer

You can see how good the person is because you can see the stars and you can even see the comments of the people who have already hired this service

ficha fiverr

  1. Read all the Freelancer conditions

I recommend that you read all the information before hiring the service, if for any reason you have any questions you can contact the freelancer directly by message, you only click here to the User and then contact me and then you can talk with the person

contactar freenlacner

  1. Buy on fiverr

    You click checkout to proceed to the payment area. You can place your credit card or you can place your Paypal account


  1. Check Email

After having canceled, they will receive 2 emails, the first is the payment confirmation from paypal and the one according to the payment receipt from Fiverr, so they can evaluate here if everything is in order.

You will have to wait for the Freelancer to send what was agreed, this will also notify you in your email, if for some reason you did not like the work you can cancel the order and Fiverr will refund the money.

I hope I have helped you. Do you have any questions? Leave it here below, it will be a pleasure to answer you.

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