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How to convert your website traffic into customers?

How to convert your website traffic into customers?

Once while explaining how to position web pages within the first results in search engines, a person was very direct with his question and said “And how do I convert these people who come to my website into clients? What is important? ”His question made me laugh, since it was very direct and in most cases any boss you have or what you are going to want in your company is that Sales. So without further ado, today I will explain how to convert that traffic into customers through an Online sales process.


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Step 1: Attract traffic

It is about making quality traffic come to my website since that traffic may not really be people who want or can buy the product that we are offering them. That is why you must determine very well the title that you will be placing the section of your website.

Step 2: Make it a lead

Convert it into a lead, this means that that person who entered your website and can be your client power leaves you his name and email, Note that the lead can be generated both from digital to offline. The reality is that achieving this is complicated, since due to what it generates, a large part of the people who are going to enter your website are new and do not know you. That is why I recommend using the Lead Magnet strategy, which means that you provide a downloadable in exchange for your information. This can be an E-book, Webinar, Workshop, Template, Course, etc. Use your creativity based on what you can offer.

In addition, as an additional way to further drive the decision to give you the information, you can add a pop-up which is that contact sheet that appears independently throughout the center of the web.

Step 3: Maturation / cultivating the Lead

Well imagine that you downloaded the Ebook and then immediately you received an email offering you to buy something, surely you will feel like the phrase “Interest, how much are you worth” as an interested brand that only wanted you to fall as a mouse in a trap. Well, this can damage the image of your brand, so I recommend you not to do this.

Start by sending newsletters about the subject in which you are an expert and make your user begin to know you, to build relationships that at the end of this is about marketing. Someone who does it very well is Neil Patel, once a week he sends me high-value SEO information, which has allowed me to get to know him and even feel a certain affection towards him.

Step 4: Sell

Well if you realize until stage 4 we already do our first value exchange, as I usually call it. Many times we make the mistake of wanting to enter this stage from the first, but the reality is that this does not work like that, go step by step. As I tell my clients that I treat with great confidence “Take it easy brother, step by step you do not offer marriage to a woman on the first date” there is to go falling in love with the client.

Step 5: Satisfaction

The products have implicit conditions that you must comply with and this within a normal service, such as delivering the product on time, in good condition, etc. And really, being realistic, this is part of your obligation and it will not generate satisfaction. It’s like you’ll get to work on time, no one is going to applaud that, because it’s your obligation no matter how hard it sounds.

To achieve satisfaction you must give a little more than what the person expects through a detail, it does not have to be something that significantly loses the margin of the product. For example, if you put a handmade thank you note, some chocolate, all that will add to you.

Step 6: Upselling

It means increasing the average sales ticket, in restaurants it is very clear when you go it tells you that for 50 cents they enlarge the soda and the chips. Well, in the digital world you can do this post-sale strategy and those who follow me will have already heard this example, but if you sold them a camera, sell them a lens and that’s it. This is not bad, since eventually he will want to buy it, and what about you? You are going to wait for the competition to offer it first, of course not.

Step 7: Recommendation

Here comes the part of the best advertising “Word of mouth” if you did all the previous steps well, the person will feel so good with you that they will want to recommend you and that lead will be created “Only” to enter the circle again and so on. Said says “As a shepherd who brings more sheep to the flock” I know businesses that work only with recommendation. Imagine the wonders they can do if they put more leads into the circle thanks to digital marketing, beware that you also have to evaluate if you have the equipment and personnel to put more, since if you do not have it, the quality is low and it could be counterproductive.

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